For over 20 years, Gentle Giant Studios has been a leader in 3d scanning

services for the film, video game, and consumer products industries. With

an arsenal of 3d scanning equipment, we have been tasked with cataloging

actors, props, sets, costumes, and vehicles, archiving each data set as a

3 dimensional computer model. We have travelled the world providing our

services to visual effects companies and producers. We are masters of a

broad spectrum of artistic disciplines, servicing the entertainment

industry by combining the most cutting edge technological innovations with

traditional art techniques and artistic flair.  Always embracing

technological advances, Gentle Giant Studios leads the way in the

application of digitization, 3D printing and digital sculpting in the

entertainment industry.  Complimenting that success, we have brought the

same top performance tools and approach to bear on producing high end

collectibles for the discerning pop culture fans.



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