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What we do

Film Services/3D Scanning

We analyze real-world objects and environments to collect data on its shape and appearance. While our primary focus is the entertainment and rapid prototyping industry, we work with a diverse group of clients who require our services.


Using a variety of LIDAR scanning systems, we’re able to create CG set extensions, enhance physical locations, and offer precise digital copies of props, buildings, cars, and aircraft.

Point cloud data can then be converted to polygonal meshes for pre-visualization and further modeling.

Vehicle Scanning

We digitize vehicles for feature film visual effects sequences in addition to creating cad quality scans for parts reproduction and manufacture.


Our photogrammetry array utilizes 148 DSLR cameras positioned 360 degrees around the subject. Each camera and light can be controlled to millisecond accuracy creating high resolution detail for clothing and skin. This system is ideal for capturing FACS scan data for face replacements and CG characters. Recent work includes Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Ready Player One, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Star Trek ‘Discovery’, Fast8, Batman vs. Superman, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Head & Body Scanning

We provide 3D head and body scans for a variety of projects and applications. We capture both geometry and high resolution cross-polarized color maps.

We retoplogize our final models,  based on the client’s  unique needs, keeping point-order and textures coordinates intact.

Object Scanning

We have a wide variety of laser scanners available to capture anything from a paperclip to  an airplane, creating a hi res accurate 3D model.

Mobile 3D Scanning / Texture Scanning

Our laser based head and body scanning systems are completely mobile and can be transported locally or shipped globally. If needed, we can augment this setup with a single camera texture photo booth and turntable. 

Gentle Giant Studios captures highly accurate data in a multitude of formats as required by our clients. Based on your project’s unique needs, we can re-topologize our scanned meshes, keeping point order and texture coordinates intact.

Creative Space

Prototyping / Product Development

Gentle Giant Studios is an experienced Digital and Traditional Prototyping and Data Services vendor. Each project is created and customized specifically for their specific end use such as Marketing, Promotion, Consumer Products, Theme Park, Visual Effects, Interactive, and more. When we create physical prototypes for clients, we take into account what the production material is, the amount of shrink a particular factory/material is likely to experience and make adjustments for that. We also consider mold-ability / demold-ability in production. We operate a skilled mold shop, so duplicates can be made of a master sculpt if more copies are needed. We run a skilled paint shop at Gentle Giant. We can take a project from concept to 3D, Print to Mold and provide a Deco (Paint) Master(s) as needed for production.


Gentle Giant Studios offers Design and Concept Art Services, both 2D and 3D, depending on our customers needs. Whether its just a general idea or a rough sketch on a napkin, we can assist in creating a fully rendered design that will help you take the next step.

Fine Art

Gentle Giant Studios has experience working directly with creators to help bring their art to life. From small scale to larger then life size; resin, fiberglass or bronze; custom finishes and paint, We assist artists in making sure that their vision is fully realized to their exact specifications.


Gentle Giant Studios can provide fully custom/unique data and physical prototypes for a given project, reposing, remodeling, or modifying data to suit a client’s end use. We can also assist with manufacturing both boutique and mass market production runs.

3D Printing

Gentle Giant Studios is part of 3D Systems, the largest maker of professional 3D Printers in the world. We have long extensive experience in 3D Printing, and have a wide array of quality printers that can assist in creating a tool-able master if that is a customer’s end goal or need.

Our Work

Some of our cool projects

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Although the majority of our data capture is done using...
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Some examples from Terminator Genisys/Fast and the Furious 7
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Baxter from Ty Coyle on Vimeo.
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